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Body Issues and DBT

Hi there everyone! So this blog is mainly in spanish, but since I also have a lot of English speaker friends, I’ve decided to make this blog on both languages.

Body Issues and DBTSo lately I have been putting attention to some struggles I have with my body image. I think I have always have those struggles, but this last weekend I went to a wedding and I looked at myself in pictures and well… the whole “I don’t like my body” thing stated again.

I felt really down and anxious, having plenty of not very helpful thoughts like: why do I look like that, how come others look better than me, why I can’t have other body, my body is horrible, other people might think I’m fat and disgusting, other people may think “why does she doesn’t make a thing to change her looks”…. I was so ashamed of the way I looked.
But then I remember my DBT classes about radical acceptance. When you start to think: ohh why me? Then you’re not radically accepting a thing and if you don’t accept it, there is nothing you can do about it. So I went to radical acceptance, I have the body I have, it doesn’t matter if other people have a different body, I have the body I have, denying it won’t change a thing. But I don’t like the body I have, so what can I do?

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